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Pre-Treatment and Filtration

Various water treatment technologies are applied to enhance the quality of your boiler feed water, cooling water, High Purity Water, Product Cleaning, Particulate Removal, Dissolved Solids Removal, Process Water.

Some of the many services we provide are:

Boiler Feed Water:

Once thought of as incidental to the day-to-day operation of a facility, boiler feed water has become critical to optimising operations. Whether your boilers are used for HVAC, process, or both, it is essential that they operate at peak efficiencies. By upgrading feed water quality, heat transfer surfaces are kept clean, boiler blow-down is reduced, chemical programs are optimised, and tube cleaning is significantly reduced.

Various water treatment technologies are applied to enhance the quality of your boiler feed water:

  • Water Softeners are used to eliminate the hardness minerals (calcium & magnesium).

  • Reverse Osmosis Systems are used to remove over 90% of dissolved solids.

  • Membrane Degasification Systems are used to eliminate excess oxygen from the feed water.



Cooling Towers:

Quality cooling tower water requires much more than the typical chemical treatment program and bleed-off. INTEGRA provide multiple water treatment technologies that are customised to your specific tower application. By filtering the recirculated cooling water, we can maximize performance while reducing costs (energy savings).

Filtered water allows the cooling tower to operate at peak efficiencies, optimising the effectiveness of the biocides and dispersants of your chemical treatment program.

  • Sub-Micron Back-washable Side-stream Filtration Ultraviolet Disinfection Systems

  • Automatic Strainers

  • Cartridge and Bag Filter Systems


High Purity Water:

Ultra-pure water for industries, R&D, and institutional use requires systems designed to meet demanding standards. Deionised (demineralized) water is a critical component for maximizing yields in circuit board and semi-conductor manufacturing.

Medical and pharmaceutical research and manufacturing also requires ultra-pure water for consistent laboratory testing and high-tech production. Optical systems, solar panels, lens grinding, and mirror manufacture require ultra-pure water to produce precision high quality products for today's competitive global market.

  • Reverse Osmosis Systems (single and double pass configurations)

  • Deionised Water Systems

  • Electro-deionisation Water Systems (EDI) Ultraviolet Sterilization Systems

Regardless of the nature of your business, INTEGRA use state-of-the-art technologies to provide reliable ultra-pure water meeting your requirements. Innovative systems are designed to meet any water quality standard regardless of size.

Product Cleaning:

Manufacturers are aware of the importance of water treatment in today's competitive marketplace. Rapidly rising quality standards, increased global competition, and demanding customers have dictated the need for advanced manufacturing techniques. This makes high quality water for product cleaning absolutely vital. By using high quality water to clean products, we can enhance product quality, increase yields, and reduce rejects.

  • Water Softener Systems reduce deposits and spotting 

  • Reverse Osmosis Systems provide rinse water for products prior to coating (glass) or plating (metals) for superior finishes

  • Deionised Water Systems provide water to rinse products requiring higher levels of purity such as circuit board manufacturing

INTEGRA use today's technologies and works with customers to design the optimum water treatment system for each application. By blending state-of-the-art technologies with over 100 years of collective experience at Integra, we are able to provide trouble-free, cost effective water treatment solutions.

Particulate Removal:

Removal of particulates from feed-water and reused water is one of the oldest and most common forms of water treatment available. Applications ranging from automatic wedge-wire screen strainers on incoming water supplies to a submicron side-stream filter on a cooling tower loop all rely on enhanced versions of a basic concept ... filtration.

Filtration includes cartridges, bags, screens and various back-washable media that remove different sizes and types of particulate. By removing particulates from process water streams, we can reuse water before adding fresh make-up water. Recycling water results in energy, (heating or cooling), and chemical savings. Overall plant maintenance of equipment, valves, and instrumentation is greatly reduced.

  • Filtration Systems 

  • Automatic Strainers

Dissolved Solids Removal:

Wherever scale build-up inhibits operating efficiencies, or deposits mar the surfaces of finished products, dissolved solids removal is essential. Although most municipal and well-water supplies "appear clean", they contain significant dissolved contaminants. Over time these contaminants drop out of solution and into your processes. Hardness minerals deposit scale on heat transfer surfaces and leave deposits on final products. Other dissolved solids leave residue on electronics resulting in product rejects. Dissolved minerals left on metals and/or glass cause surfaces to reject high quality finishes.

  • Reverse Osmosis Systems utilize membrane technology to remove over 90% of the impurities in the water

  • Deionized Water Treatment Systems remove virtually all ionised contaminants where high purity water is required 

  • Water Softeners remove hardness minerals (calcium and magnesium)

By utilizing proven technologies combined with our industry expertise, Integra enable you to optimise your processes, thus improving quality, reducing rejects, and saving you energy, time, and money.


Process Water:

In today's high efficiency, high yield, business climate, the majority of process water can no longer be used without additional treatment. Surface water and even municipal water contain contaminants that must be treated for better utilization in process applications. Many benefits can be realized by improving the quality of water in even the most common of applications. Typical HVAC Systems benefit from filtered and softened water with more efficient heat transfer and less downtime. Quality product rinse water benefits include fewer product rejects and higher yields. Filtration of recycle water reduces the amount of effluent water and associated costs. There are many applications where quality water is a key ingredient to providing a consistent, repeatable, high quality product.

  • Filtration systems remove suspended solids from incoming or recycled water

  • Water Softener Systems remove hardness minerals that scale fixtures and heat transfer surfaces and leave deposits on finished products

  • Reverse Osmosis Systems remove dissolved solids from process water where higher levels of quality are required 

  • Deionised Water Systems remove virtually all ionised contaminants from the process water where high purity water is required

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