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A Holistic Approach


INTEGRA provide solutions to a number of long-standing clients in the Dairy Industry, with many years of experience in delivering tailored water and hygiene solutions to dairy farms.

Dairy farms consume vast amounts of water to produce milk and cheese, the wastewater and solid waste generated is also significant. Our demonstrated experience allows us to deliver programs that improve profitability, reduce water wastage, reduce energy costs, minimize production downtime, and improve the lifespan of your equipment.

We are skilled at meeting operational challenges such as seasonal changes in production volume and, therefore, in the waste produced. Our systems are designed to cope with these types of fluctuations.

Meeting the increasingly rigorous hygiene standards required in the production of dairy products is also a real challenge for the dairy industry. Our cleaning and plant hygiene solutions can deliver measurable improvements in operational efficiency, and milk safety and quality.

We understand the importance of properly cleaning and sanitising your milking systems. When systems are properly cleaned and sanitized, it results in benefits such as higher quality products, lower repair costs, improved safety standards, the prolonged lifespan of equipment, and, notably, larger business profits.

Ultraviolet purifiers play a key role in micro-organism destruction for food and beverage production, without heating or introducing any chemicals into the water. The removal of dissolved solids from process water using reverse osmosis or deionisation technologies is critical for producing consistently high-quality products. Beverage formulations also benefit from using high-purity water.

As Water Treatment, Filtration, Wastewater management, and Cleaning, Hygiene & Sanitation experts, our specialists provide solutions to benefit your entire production cycle.

For more information on how INTEGRA can revolutionise your business, contact an Integra specialist today.

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