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Defence Facilities

Often residing in remote locations, Defence Facilities typically require vast amounts of clean fresh water to be readily available at all times. Desalination and potable water form an extremely important requirement to keep these facilities operational.

INTEGRA offer tailored solutions to many large scale and remote facilities. With many years’ experience gained from working with the military, governmental and municipal industries, we are skilled at offering tailored solutions to resolve problems that are unique to these fields.

Military facilities consume large quantities of water for various processes and are often heavy consumers of potable water. Key challenges to these industries involve water, energy and waste management efficiencies. Our solutions can meet demands for fresh flowing clean water within tight budgetary constraints and to the highest quality standards.

INTEGRA are well versed in offering solutions across the entire water cycle: Pre-Treatment, FiltrationChemical Water TreatmentWastewater and Water Re-use.

Our specialists offer tailored packages to suit your unique water, energy and waste challenges. The results are improved profits, reductions in water wastage, reduced energy costs and maximised equipment lifespans. Our total solution packages can offer benefits to help you meet and exceed your operational KPI’s.

Our systems are designed to enhance total equipment life and efficiency by eliminating scale and contaminants and delivering high purity water whilst reducing operating expenses by lowering energy consumption, reducing the risk of downtime and costly repairs. Our chemical products are of the highest quality saving on daily sanitation and wastewater expenses.

INTEGRA are unique in our ability to offer a complete spectrum of water-related services, resulting in the most efficient processes and ensuring that savings are maximised. Our experts are also well versed in government legislation and regulations and can work with you to deliver innovative solutions to suit your specific requirements.

INTEGRA stock a full range of industrial Cleaning & Hygiene Solutions and products (including washes, detergents, and disinfectants) as well as highly effective sanitation and potable water treatments to protect against pathogens and diseases, fully safeguarding every aspect of your business.

Our chemical cleaning solutions are supported by effective training manuals, staff training programs, occupational safety requirements, and risk assessment plans, to meet all your accreditation requirements whilst preventing the spread of infection.

As Water TreatmentFiltration, Waste Water Management, and Cleaning, Hygiene & Sanitisation experts, our specialists provide solutions for businesses throughout all of Australia, Asia and beyond.

With all requirements easily assimilated under one plan, we deliver streamlined solutions for the best results with the lowest possible operating costs.

For more information on how INTEGRA can revolutionise your business, contact an Integra specialist today.

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